Have you ever wanted to have a piece of jewellery made just for you? Have you seen a piece of jewellery that you love but would like to change slightly? Do you have some old unworn treasures sat at the back of your jewellery box? Please read on...



Jewellery that you can't find on the high street

The commission process is flexible and based on your requirements. I can adapt my current designs - tweaking the sizes or changing the gemstones - or work with you to create an entirely new and unique piece of jewellery. You can send me a design of your own and I will make recommendations on what will work best, or I can work with you to create a piece based on a general theme or idea.

Photo: commissioned rose gold double wedding band to fit diamond engagement ring



Revamping unworn treasures

Whether you have some unworn treasures or have inherited a piece of heirloom jewellery, I can work with you to rework the original gold and gemstones into something new to be worn and loved.

Photo: client's garnet and refined 18ct yellow gold, transformed into a new ring inspired by my Dot Collection

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