Buying jewellery for a loved one can be difficult thing to get right. What's their ring size? Do they prefer dangly or stud earrings? Polished or satin finish? There can potentially be a lot of decisions!

Hopefully you can find something in my shop that hits the spot. But alternatively, you may find that a gift voucher is a good option for you.

By giving a gift voucher, you are giving the gift of being involved in the unique process of bespoke jewellery making. Your loved one will be consulted at all stages so that they end up with the perfect piece of jewellery for them. It may also be that they have some unworn or inherited jewellery that can be remodelled into a new treasure. Gift vouchers are available in any amount you like and are valid for a whole year.

Possessing another 'thing' is only part of the story - the conversation and the process are just as important, if not more so, in this toughest of years.


Gift vouchers are available in any amount you like - please add more than one voucher to your cart for multiples of £20. You will receive an email confirmation of your order. I will then email you a digital voucher (pdf) with your unique voucher amount, reference code and expiry date for you to print. Please ensure that your email address at checkout is correct. Any questions please get in touch and I'll be happy to help.

Gift Voucher - Victoria Jarman Jewellery

  • File format: pdf
    Delivery: vouchers will be emailed to the email address given at checkout within 24 hours